Monday, 24 March 2014

Strategic planning

It is about Mobby. It is about Omar’s revenge. It is also about Roshan who has no idea that he is the impetus behind the strategic planning being carried out in Omar’s territory.

One day I spot Omar carrying a sleek briefcase. I tell him that carrying his schools books in a brief case looks chic.

“Well, they are not exactly my school books. And I am planning something; it is a secret but I can tell you.”

So we move to my room. After all, secrets, especially of such strategic nature, cannot be disclosed in the open. They have to be discussed behind closed doors sans spectators or eavesdroppers.

When we settle down, Omar opens his brief case. There is a writing pad and on it is jotted down what seems like a lesson plan. There are also a few colored markers and one of Omar’s school books.

“So what’s the plan,” I look at the ‘tools’ and ask.

“I am preparing a lesson plan for Mobby from my books. I will teach him and turn him into a genius,” Omar sounds determined.

“But Mobby is only four, I don’t think he will be able to understand and grasp the course meant for 7 year olds,” I say and wonder about Omar’s sudden interest Mobby’s intellectual development.

“He will do it. I will make him write everything twenty times. Then he will become smarter than Roshan, and that’s what I want. Roshan will feel ashamed that his younger brother is smarter than him,” Omar unravels the plan.

What has Roshan done to provoke such covert planning against him? I am not sure. Omar has no coherent answers. But the blue print of his plan is ready: turn four-year-old Mobby into a kind of super kind by teaching him advance course and then pit him against his seven-year-old brother Roshan.

After a little while, I watch as Omar tries to get Mobby interested in the plan. I ask Mobby if he is willing to fight Omar’s war. Mobby only smiles back and I discern a mischievous glint in his eyes.

The glint is a precursor of the things to come. Omar’s strategic asset is all set to become his biggest liability.

If Omar’s revenge plan bears some resemblance to some geo strategic situation then it is, perhaps, a coincidence.

“You will help me develop the lesson plans for Mobby?” Omar tells me, he doesn’t ask me. As far as Omar is concerned I have no option. It is: I am ‘either with him or against him.’

I am being dragged into this ‘big game.’ Do I have a choice!

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