Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Roseeecozy for Roseee

So where do stray cats take refuge when nights turn cold and dark? Darkness, of course, they can manage, but cold?

Though Roseee, like me, is fond of taking long walks during cold, foggy nights, she craves a cozy corner for her nightly catnaps. We know for sure by the way she starts knocking our doors and windows at night. She wants to come in and cuddle up, but she wants her independence too…a room of her own.

“So what do we do?” the Lilliputians ask.

I assume the mantle of a sage. “We can build her a home.”

The suggestion ushers in ripples of excitement that reverberate through the entire Land of Lilliputians. Omar, the master builder, has, as always, ideas aplenty. He immediately starts sifting his brain. “We can use a big box to make a house.”

The idea seems plausible and we set to work.

“What will we call the house?” I am still in my thinking Buddha mode.

We all start brainstorming.  Zainab, an extremely organized little girl that she is, brings a copy and starts jotting down the names we all come up with.

Finally we settle on ‘Roseeecozy.’ Since it is ‘tea cozy’ for keeping tea warm, Roseee cozy will keep ‘our’ cat cozy, so goes the logic.

I like the fact that we have somehow brought in tea in this roseeecozy business.

We make a house. To make Roseee feel special, the Lilliputians embellish the house with her portraits. There is even a little red foot mat in case she becomes too cultured and starts wearing shoes. The house is then furnished with a wall- to-wall carpet, a few cushions are thrown in to make it snug for her snooze.

“She might like it enough to start living here. Then she will become ‘our’ cat and will never ever leave us,” they say wistfully.

The insatiable human urge to possess, to make someone, or something, ours...but can this ever be so…

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