Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Magical TV

It’s a paper that Mobby holds and gazes at with amazement.

But what a paper it is! Apparently it’s merely a page torn out of his big brother’s activity book and bedecked with some art work. But then, take one look at it through Mobby’s eyes and you can see a rollickingly alive world that changes and spins before your eyes.

Actually it’s a TV. It’s a TV that has been invented as an act of defiance.

“Amma said no more cartoons. So I have made my own TV, and now I can watch it even while lying in bed,” Mobby tells me with a frown that, as we have now learned to recognize, signifies his defiant I-will-figure-out-a-way-out-of-this-adult-mess mood.

He jabs his fingers at each picture in the ‘TV’ and tells me about the wonderland ruled by a ladybug. A pretty, smiling ladybug.

“I asked Amma to draw the ladybug, and then I made: a kangaroo who sits on a long ladder; a snake that is trying to grab ladybug’s banana; a spider that looks like a bat; a few green cockroaches; and an arrow and a few swords for the ladybug to rule her kingdom with,” Mobby narrates the drama happening in his TV.

Ah! It’s a matriarchal world. I like it.

This magical TV does Mobby’s bidding, and that’s the best part. Mobby can project his favorite images on the screen and the drama changes accordingly. The ladybug can decide to crush the snake with her sword, or, if it is one of her generous moments, can let the snake have her banana. The kangaroo can climb up the ladder to say hello to the ladybug, or it can just watch the cockroaches crawling on the ground. The spider can be nasty and crush the cockroaches, or it can be devoured by the snake.

So on, and on.

Mobby has figured out a way to see what he wants to see; from time to time he can inhabit a world that’s just the way he likes it.

I can understand Mobby’s fascination with this wonderland. I also have one such TV.