Monday, 11 February 2013

A Get-Well Package for Me

Poetic and practical is the get-well package that Apple has brought me. Only we adults can think of just a clichéd get-well card. Apple is more original. 

What I get is a complete get-well package aimed at my burnt-beyond-recognition finger. The package takes care of many emotional as well as mundane aspects of being un-well. 

As I look at the red card that dangles on a red ribbon, read the reassurance on it, and admire the painted bouquet of pink and mauve flowers where a heart is precariously perched on a petal, Apple asks me to rummage inside the envelope. 

I grope inside and scoop out the first item, a scale.

I feel excited. It is like treasure hunt and I want to know what I will find next, so fumble for more and this time take out another exciting object: a ball point.

I can now not only practice drawing straight lines-something which I could never learn- but can also rediscover the joy of writing with the good old ball point. And this means I can now live in the real world and log off the virtual world. 

Oh the joys of email and facebook sabbaticals!

My treasure hunt hasn’t finished yet. I hunt again and take out a flower. It’s a plastic flower and Apple tells me she has plucked it off her hair band.

"If you want to make a card for someone you can stick this flower on the card to make it extra special." Apple gives me a lesson in creativity.

Thus while I start dwelling in the real world, instead of a few hurried emails I can also concentrate on making some special cards for the people in my life.

I look for more and find out a drawing that to me looks like a map of some long forgotten treasure island. Maybe if I concentrate hard enough and decipher all the symbols, I will finally discover the coveted island that has remained elusive so far.

There are two more nuggets of gold in this treasure trove- Apple’s photograph and her letter.  

“I put in the picture so you can look at it when I go back.  It is an old picture and I am not looking very pretty in it, but it will keep you company,” she tells me as I look at her picture.

And there is a letter.

The contents of the get-well package show not only Apple’s thoughtfulness and creativity but also her foresightedness.  

It’s a cold day but I feel all cozy inside. And my finger feels so pampered. 

Thank you, Apple…love you loads.

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