Sunday, 9 December 2012

Eureka! A Journey of Self-Discovery on a Tricycle

Every moment in three- year-old Mobby’s life is a ‘Eureka!’ moment. He is so taken with the discovery of his own self. 

Starting with the revelation of being able to hold a full mug of milk, he is now onto some bigger self-discoveries. And for the last two weeks this journey has been happening on a tricycle.

He starts wheeling. His concentration level is optimum. As he tries to push his feet downwards to roll the obstinate pedals and discover the power of being mobile, a new world opens up for him. He declares with an evident not of pride:

“See I can ride a cycle.”

A few days later, he decides to move out of his comfort zone. In a resolve to stretch his physical boundaries, he announces that now he is going to opt for some bigger feats.

He lets go of the handles.

Now the tricycle inches forward, zigzagging.  Mobby’s arms extend wide as if he has suddenly grown wings and he shouts: 

“Look! I can ride without even touching the handles.”

Incredible. Amazing. Not just the feat, but the sense of self discovery which he now feels.

Next comes something innovative. Now he wants to try how much weight can he cart. 

He picks up something heavy. It is a bed sheet. He folds the bed sheet, and piles it up on this cycle. He starts rolling the pedals.

“See! I can carry this sheet and still ride the cycle. I am powerful.”

Mobby is falling in love with his own prowess.

And while he rides, and while the revelation of his physical strength sinks in, his mind jogs. He thinks. He flips and flings a few ideas in his mind, and comes up with an invention.

He parks his tricycle and covers it with the bed-sheet, which he had been carting for sometime, and proclaims:

“I can use this sheet to cover my cycle. It can keep it safe from dust and rain.” 

I am sure very soon he will figure out that the sheet will fail to protect his tricycle from the rain. And then he will devise something new. And much more.

Mobby is smart.

But it is not just about a three year old. I believe we are a smart species. But somewhere along the journey, we just forget it.


  1. nopa i just hope he will not drive a motor bike like this in future ;)