Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Omar’s Friends

Omar has four friends: one boy and three girls. Boys, according to Omar, are too rowdy so he likes to play with girls.

In the evening while Omar eyes my tea greedily, I ask him: “So how is Hassan, your only male friend?”

“He is no longer my friend…you drink tea and coffee all the time, why can’t I have it?”

“Tea is not good for kids. But what happened with Hassan.”

“He doesn’t like me.”


While talking to Omar, I unheedingly poured more milk in my cup, and now it looks too milky for my taste. I pour some of it in another cup and add more tea to my gigantic mug. Omar who had bee eyeing the whole thing, now flounces off his chair to grab the cup.

“This is for me.” He adds sugar to it.

“So, why Hassan doesn’t like you?” I let him have those few sips of the milky tea.

“Because I sit with Miraal Gul in my class.”

Miraal Gul is Omar’s best friend and he says he likes her because…well! he likes her. Period.

“Why don’t you sit with Hassan?”

“He comes late.”

“What about the other two girls? Don’t they mind that you sit with Miraal Gul all the time?”

“No, when they want to talk to me they come and stand on my side to talk.”

“Oh! I see. Wise girls. And Hassan doesn’t know that this can be done?”


Girls are always so clever.

“And you said you really like Fatima…why?”

Here Omar gives a broad smile and says, “She is so cute and fat, her cheeks are like mountains. She makes two pony tails.”

So boys at five like fat and chubby girls. When does the change begin, I wonder.