Saturday, 31 March 2012

Book of Dreams

“It’s very dark. I get up in the middle of the night to go the washroom. And there she comes, the witch. She lunges toward me and tries to grab me…I am scared, and I wake up.” Roshan recounts this nightmare to me.

“You always dream about witches, why?” I ask him.

“No, sometimes there are good dreams too. Of chocolates and Benten.”

“But Roshan, how do you dream?”

He looks at me questioningly.

“Look, you have such small eyes, how do all these witches and Bentens fit into them?” I am in a poking, probing mood.

Roshan thinks for a moment and comes up with, “Well, they become really really small and fit into my eyes.”

“And who makes them this small?” I poke him further.

“God, of course.”

 “I don’t think God has so much time to weave dreams for all you kids every night. You see, there are many other important things that He has to manage.”

He ponders. After a while his eyes brighten up with the light of revelation and he says, “God has asked somebody to collect all these dreams. And now He has a big book of dreams in which all these dreams are written and illustrated. When I sleep, God opens the page of dreams which He wants me to see. It’s simple.”

Roshan looks jubilant. He has sorted out one of the major mysteries of life.

“And how does God decide on which dream to make you see.” I ask.

Here Roshans’s response is prompt and well-thought-out, “When I am good and listen to amma, God makes me see dreams of Benten and chocolates. But when I am bad, I see witches.”

“And you mostly dream of witches.” I smile.

He gives a mischievous smile. “Yes, I am usually bad.”

So this is how and why we dream. Freud was wrong all along.

The book of dreams…sounds fascinating to me. If I could only have that book and change the face of some of my dreams!