Thursday, 2 February 2012

How Many Suns Are There?

“You lie. I will never believe you again,” Omar tells me.

“No Omar. I never lie, it’s too complicated for me.”

“Of course, you do,” Omar says defiantly.

Now I want to know about the lie which has ruined my credibility in Omar’s eyes.

“You said there is just one sun.”

“So? There is one sun.” I breathe easy. Sure this misunderstanding is easy to fix.

“I went to grandma’s house and there was one sun too. And there was one in my school too,” Omar looks at me accusingly.

“Omar, it is just….err there is actually one sun that we see every where. It is just that ….”

“You are a liar,” Omar cuts me short and leaves the room.

No, this is NOT easy to fix. I will remain a liar in Omar’s eyes for a few years to come.

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