Monday, 21 November 2011

The Forward Bend

I decide to make some serious, healthier life style changes. And yoga seems like a good place to start. So here I am with my late November resolution of a healthier me, trying to contort my unbending body to somehow make it more ductile. 

A voice from the underworld breaks my reverie, “Why are you making sounds like a hissing monster?”

I open my eyes to behold a laughing and amazed Omar.

“Omar, I am trying to do yoga. Why don’t you go outside or sit quietly here,” I say while trying to straighten my legs which seemed to have bent in opposite directions beyond all manipulation.

“But don’t make these noises, it’s scary," Omar says and settles near my exercise mat to observe my attempts at life style changes.

“Now, what are you doing?” Omar asks as I sit straight and try to somehow hold my elusive toes.

“This is called forward bending. I am supposed to touch my toes,” I tell him while my stubborn body refuses to budge an inch.

“But you are not doing it right” Omar proclaims, sits down near me and starts doing it. As he effortlessly holds his toes, his eyes widen (as they always do) and shine with excitement. “See, I can do it.”

“Yes, Omar,you are a child, your bones have more elasticity.”

“What’s that?”

“Nothing. Omar, let me do it.”

Omar looks at me and decides to take on the responsibility to make me more elastic. “Okay, I will pull your arms.” Here he starts pulling my arms to make them touch the toes.

“Omar, you will break them. I simply can’t do it, need to practice.”

Omar looks at me askance. “Why can’t you do it, it is so simple,” he is truly surprised. His eyes widening half way down his face bear testimony to his surprise.

He thinks and observes me for a while, and concludes: “Your legs are too long.” He pauses, looks at me again and ventures another possible explanation: “Or maybe, your arms are too small.”

Now he observes me with something like pity in his eyes. “Do you think you will need to get your legs cut a little?  Or maybe, you can pray and ask God to make your arms a bit longer?" he asks.

“Omar, I will be okay with some practice. Now, if you don’t sit quietly I will start doing that hissing thing.”

“Please don’t, it is really scary.”

Heres' the link to one of the best yoga sites: