Monday, 10 October 2011

Two Lizards

“Momi there are two lizards,” Mobby gives me this slimy information while I am having my morning tea.

“Really? Where are they,” I take a bite of my toast and try not to dwell on the topic of our conversation.

“There are two lizards.”

“Okay Mobby, but where are they?”  I take a long sip from my mug trying to fathom the whereabouts of the two lizards.

“One good lizard, one bad lizard,” Mobby comes up with more information. Now this seems really interesting. I take a long gulp from my mug and give him my full attention.

“Which one is good and why,”  I ask.

“The good one has nice feet.” Mobby gestures with his hands and draws a picture of those nice feet in the air.

“So where is it, the good lizard?”

“It has gone out through the window.”

“Oh! And the bad one?”

“It is still in my room.” Mobby makes a face and I finally decipher the mystery of good versus bad.

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