Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Zainab's Jumper

The up-in-the-air existence is the current mode of being of my Lilliputians. And we owe this suspended existence to Zainab’s Jumper.

Zainab graduated to grade 2 with more than flying colours. She landed there with straight A pluses and Baba thus decided to buy her a gift of her choice. 

Here I have to confess that I subtly fed her the idea of getting a jumper (I love jumpers), but of course like all Lilliputians she could never have gone for it without believing that it was her plan. 

So one fine day, Zainab went shopping and predictably enough came back sulking over the kinds of jumpers available. Some had legs which were too short, some were not bouncy enough, and then there were also second thoughts. She looked at us (me and other four little people) suspiciously and asked: 

“Why should I get a jumper?” We all convinced her, “Because You want it Zainab!”

Anyways, after a few days another excursion to the sports shop happened and this time Zainab came back with a mighty jumper. It was brought upstairs to the guest room and its legs were fixed (yes, they are small), and since then the jumper hasn’t had a moment’s rest..

Mobby, the junior most Lilliputian, is finding this jumping spree a bit overwhelming. 

He climbs on the jumper amid his elders, for a minute or so looks askance at the four pairs of legs hanging in the air, and then tries to rise above all of them. After a few moments we find him rolling amid so many jumping legs, crying on the top of his voice, and finally stumbling down on the carpet. But nothing in the world can stop him from trying to beat his four elders.

Omar and I are planning to put the Jumper in the front lawn one night, and jump high enough to finally catch the moon! Zainab, of course, will have to be convinced.

Last night we had a jumper party. But as the Land of Lilliputians is always unpredictable, there were some unexpected twists and turns. More about it later..

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